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                                  2013 TONGJI CAUP International Design SUMMER SCHOOL   ÖÐÎÄ  English






Sweet Street£ºRediscover Contemporary Urban Space


1. Welcome to the 2013 IDSS!

The International Design Summer School (IDSS) is organized by College of Architecture and Urban Planning (CAUP), Tongji University in Shanghai. It has been a regular event since 2005. The two-week design workshop has gained renown reputation as a remarkable platform for international students to meet and communicate.

The 2013 IDSS is co-organized by Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning & Design Institute and International Society of Habitat Engineering and Design (ISHED) this year. It is now open to graduate students from worldwide institutions of urban planning, urban design, architecture, landscape architecture and the other urban-related disciplines. Participants will commit themselves intensively to studio works, discussions and lectures. Field trips to Shanghai and Yangtze River Delta will provide opportunities for students to be fully immersed into local culture. The final works will be evaluated by the IDSS jury and three most prominent ones will be awarded.


2. THEME for 2013:

The socio-economic development in Shanghai has profoundly transformed the city¡¯s spatial order, which provides opportunities for the emergence of new urban cores around the periphery, as well as challenges for the inner city areas. Under the constant transformation of social structure, life style, and business model, the streets and public space in the inner city is losing its charm to citizens. Generally, they are below public anticipation in term of spatial distribution, cultural representation and qualities of design. How does a highly-urbanized, densely-populated urban core restore meaningful public space and create aesthetic streetscape? How could design be instrumental to provide an improved physical environment and social and economic opportunities for people? The effective regeneration of urban built areas and the rediscover of sweet streets for citizens are those of the major challenges for Shanghai and societies across the world.

The Sweet Love Street is situated on the northern end of North Sichuan Road, the third largest commercial street of Shanghai, on a site near many featured landmarks, such as Lu Xun Park, Hongkou football stadium, and a municipal-registered historic district with rich urban legacies ¨CShanyin Road Historic Conservation Area. Accompanied with the provision of large scale shopping complexes nearby, commercial as well as daily activities in the streets have decayed day by day. The 2013 IDSS choose Sweet Love Street and Dongtai Plaza as the study area. We are to seek creative approaches to rediscover and revitalize the streets, to embrace its historical and cultural heritage, and to install a fashion icon for love and romance in Shanghai City. Combining intensive landscape interventions and a comprehensive vision for the built and un-built environment, we will elaborate on new models of generating vibrancy of the street and setting the groundwork for further planning efforts and a sustainable urban future.



The 2013 IDSS will accept 30 to 35 applicants, in which 6 graduate students from Tongji University. It is open to students from graduate programs on urban planning, urban design, architecture, landscape architecture and the other urban-related disciplines. English will be the working language. A high level of design and research skill is necessary to participate in the rigorous program.

Applicants will need to submit:

  • APPLICATION FORM  ( Please download the application form )


  • PORTFOLIO (include at least two piece of your work)

  • TRANSCRIPTS (from universities which you are receiving credits)

  • LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION (at least one, submitted directly from recommender¡¯s email address)

All components of the application must be submitted to idss2013tongji@gmail.com (Email only)  by: JUNE 20, 2013

Applictions are reviewed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Students are encouraged to submit their application early.




The IDSS will provide local accommodation (double shared hotel room at Jinjiang Inn), campus meal plans and field trips for invited students and advisers during the summer school period (19 ¨C 30 August, 2013), while the travel expense for the round trip to Shanghai should be borne by participants.

All Students are obligated to buy their own travel insurance before departing to Shanghai.


5. IDSS ORGNIZing Committe


College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University


International Society of Habitat Engineering and Design (ISHED)

  Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning & Design Institute (TJUPDI)


Tongji Architectural Design (Group) Co. Ltd. (TJAD)


Shanghai Urban Planning & Design Research Institute (SUPDRI)


East China Architectural Design & Research Co., Ltd. (ECADI)



The Jury Committee will be announced later.





19th Aug. (Monday)



20th Aug. (Tuesday)

Opening ceremony;

Studio Introduction;



Site investigation

21st Aug. (Wednesday)


Studio: site analysis

22nd Aug. (Thursday)

Studio: debriefing and discussion in groups

23rd Aug. (Friday)

Pin-up I: initial findings and conceptual sketches

24th Aug. (Saturday)

Walking Tour of Shanghai

25th Aug. (Sunday)

Guided Tour: Suzhou

26th Aug. (Monday)

Studio£ºtheme reviewed

27th Aug. (Tuesday)

Studio: graphic presentation and representation

28th Aug. (Wednesday)

Pin-up II : plans and strategies

29th Aug. (Thursday)

Studio: final works and practice of final presentation

30th Aug. (Friday)

Final presentation;

Award announcement;

Closing ceremony and dinner.

31st Aug. (Saturday)




Gold award (one entry): 12000 RMB

Silver award (one entry):10000 RMB

Bronze award (one entry): 8000 RMB


9. Venue

Building E Studio Rooms, 2nd floor

College of Architecture and Urban Planning

Tongji University

38 Guokang Road, Shanghai


10. Contact


TEL£º+86 21 55619588 ext.1521

FAX£º+86 21 65982310